9th European Aviation Conference


01.-02.December, 2021

Getting real about climate change and aviation:

Economics & Policy for this decade


This December, aviation business executives along with policymakers and researchers will gather to discuss the critical issue of climate change facing an industry emerging from the disastrous impact of a global pandemic.

The environmental impact of aviation provokes passionate responses, ranging from ‘flight shaming’ and calls for drastic unilateral reductions in air travel to beliefs that ‘technological innovations will save the day’ and calls for recognition that aviation is a necessary condition for a healthy economy. Amid such debates, there is a need for frank, non-partisan analysis and discussion of whether air transport can continue to provide economic benefits while accepting responsibility for its environment impacts.


This year, the European Aviation Conference will be online, offered in four sessions on December 1st and 2nd 2021. The focus will be on investigating the actions over the next decade that provide a credible path towards a sustainable aviation sector, while preserving the benefits of aviation and ensuring fair access to air transportation across the globe.

Key questions to be scrutinized and debated at the conference are:

  • What policy Instruments are available to governments and regulators and how might these be implemented during the current decade?

  • What measures can we expect the aviation industry to take over the next ten years and who will pay?

  • What are the real economic costs and benefits of policy alternatives?

  • Can we envisage a realistic and impactful roadmap for mitigating the harmful biproducts of air transportation without destroying the industry?

The conference program is available online:

Day One - 1st December 2021


Day Two - 2nd December 2021

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The European Aviation Conference 2021 will be hosted by Dublin City University / DCU Business School.

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Aviation Management & Economics Conference (AMEC)

European Aviation Conference (EAC)


Conference Day 1

Day Two
Friday, 13th November 2020


Conference Day 2



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Please also note the attractive packages, including both AMEC and EAC on one ticket.


AMEC – the Aviation Management and Economics Conference is a new conference focused on high quality research in air transport economics and neighboring fields and will be held on 29th/30th November 2021

Registration Fees

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39 € Students


EAC – the European Aviation Conference is a unique meeting place for industry stakeholders, researchers and government officials from across Europe and around the world to discuss timely, policy-relevant issues in aviation and will be held on 1st/2nd December 2021

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79 € Discount (GARS, ATARD Members)

39 € Students


AMEC (29th/30th November 2021) and EAC (1st/2nd December 2021) on one attractive combination ticket

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39 € Students





Due to the ongoine pandemic situation, EAC2021 will be held as online conference