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martin kunz lectures

The tradition of Martin Kunz lectures started at the Hamburg Aviation Conference in 2004 and is continued to this day at the European Aviation Conference. Martin Kunz was a young researcher from Germany, who passed away at early age. In his honour,  a special keynote lecture is presented every year.

Hans-Martin Niemeier has written an obituary, which was published in the Journal of Air Transport Management. With kind permission of Elsevier, we can provide this document here:  Martin Kunz Memorial Lecture

The most recent Martin Kunz lecture is available on YouTube:

Martin Kunz Lecturers at the Hamburg Aviation Conference

2004      David Starkie

2005      Peter Forsyth, Monash

2006      Mike Tretheway, UBC/InterVISTAS

2007      David Thompson, UK Dept for Transport

2008      John Kay, Financial Times

2009      David Gillen, UBC

2010      Cliff Winston, Brookings

2011      Ken Button, George Mason University

Martin Kunz Lecturers at the European Aviation Conference

2012    Jaap de Wit, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Ministry of Civil Aviation 
2013    Steven Littlechild, UK Dept for Transport
2014    Cathal Guiomard, Irish Aviation Regulator
2015    Martin Dresner, University of Maryland
2016    Anming Zhang, UBC, UHK
2017    Amedeo Odoni, MIT
2018    Anne Graham, University of Westminster
2019    Hans-Martin Niemeier, City University of Applied Sciences, Bremen
2020    conference postponed due to COVID
2021    Brian Pearce, Cranfield University

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