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amec 2021 conference presentations 


Presenters kindly provided their presentation slides, to be offered conference participants for download. Presentations are password-protected - conference participants have received the password by email in order to open the files.


"Climate Change and the Aviation Investment Outlook"
Doramas Jorge-Calderón, Lead Economist, Aviation, Projects Directorate, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

"Economics of Climate Policy in Aviation"

Stef Proost (KULeuven and TML)

"Carbon Pricing: National Policy vs International Cooperation"

Katharine Lauderdale & Dan Elliott, Frontier Economics 

PhD Student Sessions

Nicole Adler (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) and Shravan Kumar (TU Dresden and Bremen City University of Applied Sciences)

Efficiency Assessment of Airports and the Impact of Regulation on Performance


Hao Lang and Achim Czerny (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

A pricing versus slots game when airports compete


Maxim Fokeev and Nikolay Filinov (Higher School of Economics, Russia)

COVID-19: Ways and drivers of value proposition transformation of Russian airlines


Noel Hiney, Marina Efthymiou and Edgar Morgenroth (Dublin City University)

Assessing the Impact of Covid-19 on Irish Airports and their Stakeholder Relationships

Nikola Lukačević, Emir Ganić and Bojana Mirković (University of Belgrade - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering)

Assessment of Noise Impact of Aircraft Operations around Podgorica Airport


Aviation and the Environment Sessions

Peter Forsyth (Monash University)

Aviation Fuel Taxation and Emissions: An Economic Analysis

Ane Elixabete Ripoll-Zarraga (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and

Sonia Huderek-Glapska (Poznan University of Economics and Business)

Does air transport support sustainable development in CEE countries?

Gerben de Jong (Hebrew University Jerusalem and SEO AMSTERDAM ECONOMICS)

Impacts of the European Emissions Trading Scheme on airline fleet management

Stefan Baumeister (University of Jyväskylä), Tim Ryley (Griffith University) and Abraham Leung (Griffith University)

Can fully electric aircraft lead the path towards zero-emissions’ aviation?

Alessandro Massaro

Airports, airlines, and land price through some evaluations about the KEF (ICE) International Airport planning system

Hans-Martin Niemeier (Bremen City University of Applied Science) and Peter Forsyth (Monash University)

Can optimizing capacity and new capacity at airports help improve fuel and emissions efficiency?

Bill Hemmings (Rosetta Advisory)

Taxing international aviation fuel

Frank Fichert (University of Applied Sciences Worms) and Matthias Whittome (DFS)

Air traffic control and climate change – Impact, mitigation options, and EU regulatory framework

Mario Solazzo, Lidia Travascio and Angela Vozella (CIRA S.C.p.A.)

Air Transport Perspective in Italy in COVID Era from 2020 to 2025

Marina Efthymiou (Dublin City University) and Ioanna Pagoni (University of Aegean)

Carbon offsetting: What are the attitudes of young passengers?

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