DAY TWO - 2nd December 2021

Martin Kunz Lecture: tba.


Panel 8: Aviation Non-CO2 Climate Impacts

This session will briefly review the latest assessments of non CO2 impacts – at least double those of CO2 emitted daily - from European climate scientists, and then consider ways to mitigate contrail formation, cruise NOx, soot, including black carbon, as well as related air quality impacts including sulphur. Before a discussion of the most appropriate policy responses at EU level including those put forward in the 2020 EASA study. 



Panel 9: Roadmap to Decarbonizing Air Transport

This session will cover the available measures that can accelerate aviation’s decarbonisation. More specifically, it will elaborate on their potential, implementation, plan and progress monitoring, as well as barriers to these measures. The session will focus on the full spectrum of aviation stakeholders and their actions, commitments and plans. What is ideal, but what is second best but achievable (ticket taxes which are ubiquitous to capture the recalcitrant for example?). Its easy to identify problems with existing policies, but can they be improved sufficiently? ETS - would abolition of free permits make a difference, or is a red herring? Can CORSIA be resurrected? Can ticket taxes be reformed so they are more effective? Will there be sufficient political will to resolve aviation’s credibility crisis on climate change. What more can be done to encourage governments to act?