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DAY TWO - 1st December 2022

All times in Central European Time (CET / UTC+1 / Berlin/Paris/Vienna/Rome)


09.00 - 09.15

Welcome/Review of Day 1

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

09.15 - 10.00


Image by Vanilla Bear Films

10.00 - 11.30


Would Air Traffic Control Reform enable the recovery?

Air Traffic Control has a long history of poor performance. In Europe, the Single European Sky Initiative is at stake. The reform process has halted, Air Navigation Service Providers have not reduced costs significantly in the COVID 19 crisis, and now the losses are to be recovered via higher charges from the airlines. Reform proposals are being made.

Some questions are:


  • What role should Air Traffic Control play in aiding the recovery of the aviation sector?

  • What are the links between ATC cost efficiency and airline performance?

  • How can the regulation of the European ATC system be reformed to set incentives for flexibility and resilience?


11.30 - 12.00



12.00 - 13.00


Fit for 55/ What has been achieved on Decarbonizing aviation since last year’s conference

The European Commission’s Fit for 55 regulatory proposals are approaching their resolution. Will they deliver significant change, meet expectations and set the industry on track to reach net zero? What impacts can we expect to see by 2030 on emissions and growth? What happened about promises to address non CO2 impacts? This session will debate these initiatives and proposals.

  • What is the distributional equity impact? Are the proposals realistic, implementable and cost effective?

  • What about compliance, potential market distortions and carbon leakage?

  • Can the nascent SAF producers deliver - and sustainably?

Referenten auf der Konferenz

13.00 - 13.50


The Mike Tretheway Debate: Be it resolved that the last three years have fundamentally, significantly and irreversibly altered air transportation

This year the focus will be on the impact of the last three years on the aviation industry and the implications for its future structure and regulation.

Klatschen Publikum

13.50 - 14.00


Presentation of EAC 2023 Host

gesundes Mittagessen



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