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The 2020 European Aviation Conference - Heilbronn, Germany, November 12-13

Press Statement

This November, in Heilbronn, Germany, aviation business executives along with policy-makers and researchers will gather to discuss a critical issue facing aviation.

Organised by an international committee drawn widely from the industry along with university and researchers, regulators and consultants, under the chairmanship of Professor Hans-Martin Niemeier of Bremen UAS in Germany, the goal of the conference is to provide a platform to meet and seek out practical solutions to challenges facing the industry.

The 2020 Conference theme: climate and aviation

Between, on the one side, “flight shaming” and calls for drastic reductions in air travel and, on the other side, attitudes of ‘nothing to worry about’, there is a need for realism and non- partisan analysis in the discussion of air transport emissions.

At the forthcoming Conference (Heilbronn, Germany, November 12-13), the focus will be on putting the claims of both camps under scrutiny, with a critical review and analysis of the various policies and other actions being discussed.

Will our actions over the next decade provide a credible path towards a sustainable aviation sector while preserving the benefits of aviation and ensuring fair access to air transportation across the globe?

Some of the key questions to be discussed and debated at the Conference are:

● What are the relevant emissions and their impacts?

● What can economic policy contribute?

● Are policy instruments (such as carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes) complementary to one another or should one approach dominate?

● Can industry commitments, ranging from individual airlines to multi-national schemes such as CORSIA, deliver effective change? Are offsets part of the solution or ‘fake news’?

● What can alternative fuels (e.g. biofuels, synthetic fuels) contribute to reducing the emissions problem? How can their high cost and limited availability be overcome?

● What can new technologies (airframes, engines) with significantly reduced environmental impacts contribute, and by when?

● Do government incentives need to play a larger part in these areas?

Can our actions in this decade set a credible path to a carbon-neutral future?

Join us in Heilbronn to get expert opinion and to hear discussion on these issues from leading researchers, policy-makers and industry practitioners.


EAC 2020 will be preceded by the second meeting of a new academic body, the Aviation Management and Economics Conference (AMEC) on November 11h.

Want to know more?

Programme details and further information about presenters, venue and booking arrangements will shortly be available at:

Media and industry enquiries should be directed to:

Professor Hans-Martin Niemeier

Hochschule Bremen

Fakultät 1, Werderstrasse 73

28199 Bremen

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