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EAC 2021 - Topics and Speakers announced

EAC 2021: Getting real about climate change and aviation: economics & policy for this decade

This December, aviation business executives along with policymakers and researchers will gather to discuss the critical issue of climate change facing an industry emerging from the disastrous impact of a global pandemic. The European Aviation Conference will be online, offered in four sessions on December 1st and 2nd 2021. The focus will be on investigating the actions over the next decade that can provide a credible path towards a sustainable aviation sector. That is, can we envisage a realistic and high-impact plan to mitigate harmful by-products of air transportation without destroying this transport mode for as long as there is no adequate substitute available?

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

Dieter Helm, Professor of Economic Policy, Oxford University, Author of Net Zero

Brian Pierce, Chief Economist, IATA

Conference sessions include:

• Technological options for now and the future

• Industry perspectives and practical implementation

• Market-based instruments for climate change

• Non-CO-2 emissions

• Legislative options for reducing emissions

• A pathway to decarbonizing air transport

Please join us for EAC 2021 to benefit from expert opinion and debate from leading researchers, policymakers and industry practitioners and to contribute your own views and perspectives.

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