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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

European Aviation Conference 2020: Aviation, Climate Change Dynamics & Environmental Policy

Heilbronn University of Applied Science, Germany, 11-13 November, 2020Aviation is an industry with local, national and international impact. It creates large benefits, but these are provided at a high societal cost. Noise pollution and lower local air quality has significant effects on the local communities. The carbon intensity of the aviation sector poses significant challenges to climate change mitigation. Technological solutions and behavioral change have led the way in other industries in lessening their environmental impact, but how achievable will this be in aviation?

The EAC 2020 will provide an excellent opportunity for discussion on climate and related issues by bringing together decision-makers and researchers from government, academia, international organisation and the industry.

The 2020 conference will take place in Germany at the ​Heilbronn University of Applied Science on Thursday to Friday, ​12th ​to 13th ​November 2020​. The Aviation Management and Economics Conference (AMEC) will be held on Wednesday, 11t​ h November 2020. Papers submitted in the EAC and AMEC conference will be considered for the special issue of Journal of Air Transport Management.Preliminary information can be found at ​​ and this will be updated as additional detail is available.

The 2020 conference will consider the following issues:

● The state of play: the task of global decarbonisation and the role of aviation

● The dynamics of climate change policy - the conflict between rapid growth in airtravel and technological change in airframe/engine manufacturing

● Short haul travel aviation and alternative transport modes

● Possible policy measures to lower emissions - aviation taxes, emissions trading,subsidies for renewable fuels, and offsets

● The role of ICAO CORSIA in international emission reduction and its interplay with EUEmission Trading Scheme

● The role of airports and air traffic control in lessening aviation’s environmental externalities

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