Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences (HHN)


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Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS)


HUGS is a center of innovation for applied research and graduate business education and offers two Master Programs:

  • Master in Transport and Logistics Management (M.Sc.)

  • Master in Business Management (M.Sc.)

  • Master in Business Management/ Entrepreneurship (M.Sc.)


Heilbronn University Graduate School is member of AACSB and in the accreditation process.




LOGWERT startet as a joint research competence centre of Fraunhofer IAO and Heilbronn University. After six successful years in which the LOGWERT Competence Center realized numerous research projects, it was transformed into a university-owned research and transfer institute in October 2021.

It develops for and with industry, trade and the public sector application-oriented and realisable solutions in the following areas, among others:


  • Innovative and sustainable transport logistics solutions

  • Sustainable, urban aviation concepts

  • Aviation Management

  •  Regional location development and transport infrastructure

  •  Perspectives for the last mile in urban space

  • Intelligent and networked logistics

  •  Regional added value and shared use of resources

Jens Hujer



Professor for Business and Passenger Transport Management

For 11 years he was part of Lufthansa where he had different positions

Since 2010 he is Professor for Business and Passenger Transport Management at the Heilbronn University.

Jens Hujer was Program Director of Business Administration in Public Transport Management (B.A.) (2012-2017)

He is an IATA-Trainer (Airline Revenue Management)

“It’s an honour for us to host the European Aviation Conference 2022 in Heilbronn. Heilbronn is surrounded by vineyards and picturesque villages, close to the amazing Heidelberg. Our brand new campus is a very attractive location for conferences and meetings. We hope to welcome many participants from all over the world to our beautiful Campus“


Program Manager

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Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS)

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Professor for Economics and Passenger Transport Management

Professor for Economics and Passenger Transport Management, Heilbronn University (1977-2012) and founder of the study program “Business Administration in Public Transport Management (B.A.)”
His research field is aviation in a competitive environment. He is a founder and  first author  of the book “Luftverkehr” and remains its co-author after his retirement.

"Luftverkehr" (available in the sixth edition) is the leading basic work on the aviation management of the German-speaking area:  Roland Conrady, Frank Fichert, Rüdiger Sterzenbach: Luftverkehr – Betriebswirtschaftliches Lehr- und Handbuch. 6. Auflage. De Gruyter Oldenbourg Verlag, Berlin, Januar 2019. ISBN 978-3-11-056329-0