Aviation Economics and Management Conference 2022

The German Aviation Research Society (GARS) in collaboration with the European Aviation Conference Institute and the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn are pleased to invite academics, aviation practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders to submit contributions for the

3rd Aviation Management and Economics Conference (AMEC)

29th November 2022, Heilbronn, Germany

AMEC serves as a platform for diverse, high quality research in air transport economics, transportation management and fields related fields in the context of aviation. AMEC builds on the ATARD network and tries to encourage research in air transport and regional development. AMEC closely cooperates with the European Aviation Conference (EAC)[1]. Participation in AMEC is open to all researchers and practitioners.  


As AMEC closely aligns the theme and scope with the European Aviation Conference (EAC), AMEC features two separate submissions streams. The first general stream is open for all aviation management / economics topics, including, but not limited to:

  • The impact of air transport on regional development

  • Air transport and tourism

  • Aviation impacts on climate change, noise and local air quality and suitable policy instruments to limit the impact of aviation

  • Economic regulation of value chain elements of aviation (e.g. airports, air traffic management


The second stream is dedicated to contributions related to Covid-19 impacts on the aviation system:

  • How have the events of the past three years impacted the aviation industry?

  • How should governments rethink their aviation policy in a post-crisis world?

  • Should airports be allowed to recover financial losses of the pandemic? 

  • Airports - capacity, charges, competition, regulation after pandemic

  • Air Traffic Control - An enabler for recovery?

  • Has the pandemic accelerated or slowed down the way to a sustainable aviation system?


With this stream, AMEC is linked to this year’s topic of the European Aviation Conference. Papers of EAC and AMEC 2021 will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Air Transport Management (JATM) and the organizers plan to invite papers from the Covid-19 session stream of AMEC 2022 for a special journal issue of JATM again.

Important information for Abstracts and Papers

All contributions will be subject to double blind peer-review. Upon invitation, full papers of the general stream will be considered for publication in the Journal of Air Transport Studies (JATS). Past papers presented at AMEC had also been published in the Journal of Air Transport Management, which is planned for this year’s Covid-19 stream of AMEC.

At least one author must register for the Conference as the paper presenter.

For both submission streams, the structured abstract should include the following:

  • purpose of the research (20-40 words)

  • research design, methodology or approach (35-70 words)

  • (expected) research findings (35-70 words)

  • originality/contribution of your research paper (35-70 words)

  • most important references (2-5 references).



Please submit your abstract at


Important Deadlines

Submission of Abstracts: 12th September 2022

Notification of Acceptance: 7th October 2022

Submission of Full Papers and/or Presentation Slides:  15th November 2022



Registration for AMEC will be through the EAC website Participants are highly encouraged to book the AMEC and EAC Conference package!


The Organiser reserves the right to make changes, where deemed necessary, with or without prior notice to parties concerned. By registering to the Conference, you automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions to use all registration data given in this form for computerised handling of the conference and conference news.

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